all in merinos !

Yes it is wool, but designed for hiking. And this is not just any kind of wool. Merinos wool is naturally technical, so fine that it does not itch. Forget all your preconceptions about wool and discover this latest winter trend.

A naturally technical element (yes it does exist!)

Wool is a material that is completely natural and recyclable and renowned for its warmth. But where do its amazing insulating powers come from? It is pure and simply due to the woollen fibres, which are able to trap a quantity of air that matches 80 % of its own weight. And air is the foremost insulation in existence.

As well as trapping large amounts of air, wool can also hold a large quantity of humidity: up to 30% of its own weight. The heat of the body warms up the moisture that is trapped and removes the ‘freezing effect’ when the body then cools down after effort. It is a genuine natural air-conditioning system, which naturally regulates the hiker’s body temperature.

Wool is also naturally technical due to its anti-odour properties. Wool fibres contain organic anti-bacterial characteristics. By blocking the development of bacteria it stops odours from forming. And the bonus: this aspect does not diminish with washing. This is very much appreciated when out hiking for several days in autonomy.

Wool itches no more

Merinos wool comes from sheep bred on the other side of the world in Australia and they have finely crimped coats. The main characteristic of this special wool is that it is very fine, about twenty microns (which is one thousandth of a millimetre). Subsequently these ultra fine fibres do not itch. Unlike our old thick traditional knitted jumpers, thermal underwear that is produced with these fibres do not irritate the skin and are extremely comfortable whilst hiking.



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