HKG#6 by Quechua: Tales & legends

Man has always been fascinated by mountains, those vast, craggy giants that assault our skies.
Over the years, captivated by their inaccessibility, grandeur, beauty and volatility, man has sought to explain the secret of their power.Thus, a variety of beliefs, tales and legends have sprung up around the mountains, its flora and fauna. This spring, we’ve decided to take you on a journey through this magical universe.

During your travels through some of the world’s most sacred mountains, you may be lucky enough to join a dahu hunt, you’ll find out about magical alpine plants, you’ll be charmed by a variety of mountain legends and tales before dashing up the slopes of Mont-Blanc in search of rock crystals. It’ll be an adventure filled with exciting encounters and enthusiastic individuals.

“The power of a legend is unbelievable, once you’ve decided to believe in it.”
Didier Van Cauwelaert in “un aller simple.”



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