Meeting with the king of camouflage

Today, we share with you our love for a surprising bird : the grey ibijau.

Native of South America, the grey ibijau has the ability to hide itself to escape predators protecting therefore also its offspring.

This king of camouflage has the particularity to be able to transform into a  branch. If feeling threatened, the grey ibijau can  stay perfectly still for  hours until the intruder disappears. This incredible ability gives us surprising pictures where it can be difficult to see it!

To be noted:  his name is derived from the Guarani and means ghost bird.

oiseau ibijau découverte

oiseau ibijau découverte

oiseau ibijau découverte

oiseau ibijau découverte

Crédits Photos 1 : Allen Bergen

Crédits Photos 2 : Damien Laversanne

Crédits Photos 3 : Sylvie Robert

Crédits Photos 4 : Gabriel leboff



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