iceland emotional landscapes

Cyril Balta is a french composer and sound designer for  “What can I say about Iceland? This is probably the most surprising, beautiful, impressive and powerful place I’ve ever been to.”

“It’s like Mother Nature is giving a show. Thanx to Iceland I realised that our beloved Planet Earth is living under our feet, moving and breathing like us, little human beings. Sitting in front of these gigantic glaciers thongs, watching icebergs at Jokulsarlon, walking on lava fields, craters, black sand beaches, smelling the sulfur of Namafjall, listening to the deep roar of Dettifoss waterfall… well, you can’t possibly forget this experience.

About the film, it was shot (on GH1) in september 2011 during a 15 days roadtrip around the island. The weather was really really bad: 5°C average temperature, heavy wind and rain almost 24h/24 until the last couple of days. Actually when the sun appeared we almost had tears of joy! I also made the soundtrack myself, it has been quite a long process, but hopefully you will appreciate the final result.
Enjoy and visit Iceland!”



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