Innocence of childhood vs. animal kingdom

Many of you read and share the artist portrait of yesterday, dedicated to Jérémy Calvo and his beautiful pictures of wild animals. In the line with this, we go on with the watercolors of the Indonesia-based artist Elicia Edijanto, which show the innate relationships that may exist between kids and the animal kingdom.

On each painting, the child appears like a vulnerable human being, facing wild and impressive animals, sometimes very dangerous. Some scenes enhance the connexion created by eye contact, while others depict much more intense and close relationships, where the pair looks like ready to set off on an adventure.

To read the interview of Elicia Edijanto, have a look at the Flesh & Bone vol. 8 magazine. All her paintings are available on Behance and Instagram.

Elicia Edijanto 4

Elicia Edijanto

Elicia Edijanto 3

Elicia Edijanto 1

Elicia Edijanto 2

Elicia Edijanto 5

Elicia Edijanto 6

Elicia Edijanto 7



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