Instagram discovery: Christopher Amat

Our Instagram weekly discovery brings us one more time to the Canadian Rockies. Christopher Amat, photographer and designer based in Calgary, is a creative. Still looking for new adventures, his pictures are inspiring and full of energy!

And his lifestyle philosophy is inspiring too! He declares on the community website Great North Collectif, whose he is one of the funder, that “stepping out of your comfort zone and creating something new is one of the most creatively rewarding experiences. Being able to take that experience and share it with your peers can be just as rewarding, growing with each shared experience”.

This selection of pictures taken by Christopher Amat highlights the beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, designated a UNESCO World Heritage in 1984. Between glaciers, mountain peaks, lakes, canyons and limestone caves, this place is the perfect playground for mountain lovers. Judge by yourself with these pictures of Columbia Ice fields and Athabasca glacier, or the Jasper National park.

To follow Christopher Amat on Instagram, look for @christopheramat. And to know more about his work, go on:

Chris Amat Christopheramat - Whiteman's Pond
Whitemans Pond, Kananaskis Country, Alberta.

Chris Amat Christopheramat - hinds in the forest

Chris Amat Christopheramat - Athabasca Glacier
Athabasca glacier, one of the numerous glaciers of the Columbia Ice fields in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the most visited of the North American continent.

Chris Amat Christopheramat - down the road

Chris Amat Christopheramat - Jasper National Park
Jasper National Park, the biggest Canadian National Park with more than 10 000 km² of area.

Chris Amat Christopheramat - Columbia Ice Fields Athabasca Glacier

Chris Amat Christopheramat - Delta Lodge at Kananaskis

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Chris Amat Christopheramat - Fog in the forest



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