la transju’ 2012

The 34th edition of the Transjurassienne: next weekend on 11 and 12 February!

The Transjurassienne is more than a myth…

Is it still necessary to present the cross-country skiing event that is known worldwide? The famous race that gathers over 7,000 participants from ages 7 to 85 every year is once again up and running thanks to its 1,000 enthusiastic volunteers. No less than 27 nationalities are sharing the thrilling adventure on the snowy tracks of Franche-Comté between Lamoura and Mouthe… The originality of la Transju’, as all skiers call it, comes from the fact that international elites, Olympic medalists and recreational skiers all participate and ski together and have been since its creation in 1979.

Self surpassing and fun are the main ingredients of la Transjurassienne, the ingredients that entertain friends and families in a famous “cross-country skiing celebration”!

A mass event above all, the various events bring their share of emotions, conviviality, pleasure and solidarity between the participants and the 40,000 spectators who stand all along the track! With its international scope, La Transjurassienne is a proud member of the Worldloppet ski federation, the worldwide organization for long-distance ski races such as la Marcialonga and the famous Vasaloppet, all devoted representatives of the World of Marathon Skiing. In the same drive to promote long distance skiing all over the World and in Europe, la Transjurassienne is also a member of Euroloppet, a cross-border European challenge!



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