My Kochi, de Brandon Li

“What captured me most about India was the ways in which people, animals and flora have adapted to co-exist in a tightly knit ballet, always seeming to be just on the edge of chaos”.

These are the words of Brandon Li, who share his amazing experience in the Indian town of Kochi, located on the Malabar coast. With a beautiful summary made of images, we share intimately his trip. At the end of his video called “My Kochi”, we feel like we spent some days in this city of diversity, that lists no fewer than sixty castes.

This film maker already attracted us a few months ago with “Gateway to the Gange“, where he gives a portrait, both beautiful and sad, of the life on the bank of one of the 7 most sacred rivers of India.

My Kochi from Brandon Li.


my kochi Brandon Li 2

my kochi Brandon Li 3

my kochi Brandon Li

Brandon Li Inde

Brandon Li my kochi 2

Brandon Li my kochi 3



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