Getting close to the nature with Vadim Trunov

We’re pretty sure you’ve already heard about Vadim Trunov and his squirrels palying in the snow since his pictures went around the world. This Russian photographer is specialized in macro nature photography. Through his lense discover the world of the insects you come across while hiking!

Snails, ants, butterflies or beetles, are the kind of bugs that you can easily see during your forest walks. However, you will probably never see them as closely as Vadim Trunov’s images, which is a window on the nature small details. To succeed in taking these spectacular photos, you must be patient and place your equipment carefully if you want a chance to capture animals’ moments of life. In short, this is a challenge, but the good thing in macrophotography is that by taking pictures of small subjects the surprises and discoveries are numerous! Moreover, these images that make us feel small will probably inspire you during your next outings in the rain!

To see the complete work of Vadim Trunov, you can have a look on his 500px profil.

Vadim Trunov photographe animalier 1

Vadim Trunov photographe animalier

macro nature photographer Vadim Trunov

Vadim Trunov photographe animaux macro

Vadim Trunov photographe animaux

Vadim Trunov animal photographer macro environment

Vadim Trunov photographer specialised in animals 1

Vadim Trunov photographer specialised in animals

Vadim Trunov photographe animaux macro 1

Vadim Trunov animal photographer 2

Vadim Trunov animal photographer




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