olympic sheep shearing ?

There could be a new discipline at the Olympic Games of Rio : the shearing sheep! In any case, it’s the dream of many farmers in New Zealand. At the approach of the World Championships mowing (yes, yes: it exists) in March in Masterton, north of New Zealand, the National Federation of Farmers ruminates. In this country of 40 million sheep to 4.4 million people, mowing is already recognized and funded by sporting bodies.

The “time has come to elevate shearing’s sporting status to the ultimate world stage,” the New Zealand Federated Farmers said in a statement Monday, adding that the world’s top shearers are “athletes who take it to another level.

It is true that the physical performance of shearers are worthy of top athletes as they shave up to 700 sheep in eight hours which represent a beast and a half per minute.

What a good stock of wool for winter!



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