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On the Moon, a daily dose of inspiration

Mountains and nature inspire artists every day, and this section is dedicated to them.
All media is of interest to us: sculpture, music, literature, film, painting, photography, architecture, video, and more. We take a look at everything on offer to provide you with this little daily dose of inspiration and simply make you feel good. See mountains from another perspective, from paper collages to coloured the snow, as well as the new woodkid video, prepare to be amazed!


Folk influences, few guitar notes, a lively rhythm, a crazy clip with a man hiking on the moon: that’s enough to seduce us! If you don’t know yet Air Review, here is a new sound to add to your summer playlist.

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A new section for the blog! What do you think of discovering each month some of the amazing photos you post on the social networks with the #YourMountain hasthag? For this first selection, some of you were lucky enough to be published into Hiking on the Moon #11! 

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For those who missed it, we put on a playlist all the musics you can hear in our ads. Each song is a unique creation based on a woody, natural and warm atmosphere. This summer playlist will bring you into wild spaces and gives you good vibes for your next hikes!

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The journalist et photographer Jessica Peterson offers you a bucolic interlude to “The sound of Iceland”, a fresh air straight from this land of fire and ice.

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