Perito Moreno, an ice giant

To end up the week on a fresh note, still waiting for the snow, dive with us into the Perito Moreno, an ice monster in the Southern Hemisphere.

Located at the tip of Argentina, in the National Park of Los Glaciares, in the province of Santa Cruz, the Perito Moreno impresses by its blue lagoon color but mainly by its size. With its 60 meter-high and its 5 kilometer-wide, this glacier is as big as the cities of Paris or Buenos Aires.

Listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, it is probably one of the most spectacular glaciers. Captivating, unreal, unbelievable, unmissable, beautiful and enchanting, are all superlatives usually used to describe this wonder of nature.

Easy to access, some charge him of becoming a very touristic place… anyway, it’s beauty is still fascinating!

Photo 16_Perito_Moreno_Diego-Sevilla-Ruiz
© Diego Sevilla Ruiz

Photo 14_Perito_Moreno_marc_cornelis
© Marc Cornelis

Photo 15_Perito_Moreno_marc_cornelis
© Marc Cornelis

Photo 7_Perito_Moreno_Phil
© Phil

Photo 2_Perito_Moreno_Vera_Jean-Christophe
© Vera et Jean-Christophe

Photo 3_Perito_Moreno_Phil
© Phil

Photo 5_Perito_Moreno_Phil
© Phil

Photo 6_Perito_Moreno_Phil
© Phil

Photo 8_Perito_Moreno_Phil
© Phil

Photo 9_Perito_Moreno_Phil
© Phil

Photo 10_Perito_Moreno_Ramonbaile
© Ramonbaile

Photo 11_Perito_Moreno_Piero
© Piero

Photo 12_Perito_Moreno_Adry
© Adry

Photo 13_Perito_Moreno_Piero
© Piero



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