An artist’s portrait: Robert Grew

Today we are taking you with us to discover the work of Robert Grew, photograph and lover of the outdoors and of course the mountains.  It’s through the pictures he brought back from an unsuccessful trip to the Mont-Blanc due to some very bad weather, that we are introducing him to you.

Robert Grew Mont-Blanc


Why I am a photographer?

I developed my passion for photography and love for capturing my adventures from the many field trips to Scotland, Wales and the Spanish Pyrenees during my Geology degree. I now take a camera with me everywhere from Mountaineering in the Alps to the highland of Scotland. I don’t think my camera has left my side in the last two years.

How you find inspiration?

I think this mostly comes from the dramatic views and experiences I witness whilst exploring the mountains or surfing. Apart from that there are other photographers out there on adventures I would love to be on. Seeing photographs from their trips can be truly inspiring.

What makes a beautiful picture?

That’s a difficult one to answer as there are so many great pictures out there. I am generally drawn to photographs of the mountains and the sea. These images are even better when you see that there is a person skiing or climbing up something that looks near impossible. And it is something that I hope to start capturing more of in 2016.

Robert Grew Mont-Blanc








If you want to discover more about Robert you can go on his website:




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