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Stéphane Pauquet is a young biologist and above all a traveler profoundly fascinated by the nature and the mountain, he did not hesitate to create his network of NGO “ Greenvest” to promot his idea and make live his passion.

The Frenchman crossed the Atlantic Ocean to join the richest continent in forest biodiversity: America. It is in the optics to support and to stay up this fragile ecosystem, that Quechua decided to bring to light this new generation’s NGO network.


Stéphane Pauquet’s everyday life: support and accompany the work of the “rangers” who protect the invaluable national parks of Latin America in their supplying the equipment and the necessary logistic management.

The idea of Greenvest it is also to address the general public in a innovative way, in particular thanks to Crowdfunding which lives in the heart of its functioning. This approach allows to finance projects by appealing to the general public directly via internet. Once accumulated, these investments will allow to fight against the deterioration of the ecosystem and to promote the biodiversity at the world level.

Join the adventure on www.greenvest.org







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