quechua salute the colors of the andes

Since its genesis, Quechua draws its inspirations from the heart of the Andes, there where still lives “Quechuas”, these loving mountain dwellers of their lands. By offering rites, heat and fervour in the mountain, these women and these men say thanks to their second mother.

Today, we have the pleasure to make you share the work of the stylists and the designers of Quechua. Conscious that colours always dressed a symbolic value, the teams of Quechua had the will to honour this culture defended by 10 million souls.

Raised proudly by andins for centuries, the colours of  Quechua Colors, are the ones Peruvian traditional clothes. The colors of people who managed to live in perfect harmony with its environment.

Find the heat and the boldness of these colors on http: // quechua-colors.com/

Le peuple Quechua

Quechua Colors - Tshirts

Quechua colors - sacs de couchage


If you have not seen them yet, here is two of the most beautiful sources of inspiration of Quechua Colors:

“Quechua – Histoire d’un Peuple”   

– Le peuple quechua existe t-il? 







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