Artist portrait: Stef Kwinten

For this artiste portrait, we’re happy to welcome Stef Kwinten, a time-lapse photography specialist who made of the Dutch sky, one of the most peaceful place on earth!

“In this video I want to showcase everybody the beauty that Holland has to offer. I never really was a big fan of my country, because we don’t have mountains and because everything is flat. But after making this video, I can say : the Netherlands also has some beautiful nature!

I want to share my video with you, in order to inspire you and invite you to visit the Netherlands… not only for Amsterdam :-)”.

To find him on the web, please click there:

Dutch Skies from Guilty.

Stef Kwinten 1

Stef Kwinten guilty

Stef Kwinten Netherlands

Stef Kwinten pays bas 1

Stef Kwinten pays bas

Stef Kwinten the netherlands

Stef Kwinten



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