the edge of the earth

We decided to take you on a ride at the Edge of the Earth .. The documentary that we are discovering today is called “The Edge of the Earth” it’s creator is Eric Dennis. A place where there is no road, trail, no shelter or campground, just man and nature in the raw state. That is, the beauty of this place, the doors of the Arctic National Park is the largest national park in the northern United States, the entirety of the park lies north of the Arctic Circle.
Find unusual places like the river or Alatna Arrigetch peaks, where the vastness and beauty of the place is back to nature all his rights.

You should know that total immersion in these places has a price, and not least, the solitude and independence are taken into account. You must have solid knowledge, among other methods of guidance and be able to take the upstream equipment.

This trip that we do discover lasted 2 weeks, it was shot only solar energy.



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