The Giant’s Causeway, Irish marvel

The Giant’s Causeway, is a pavement of cooled lava, going from the coast of Northern Ireland into the sea. These 40 000 hexagonal columns stuck into one another have inspired scientists, artists and have even created an intriguing legend, involving two rival giants!

Always interested in this kind of story, the Hiking on the Moon’s team looks into this myth! It looks like these prisms of lava result from a battle between two giants, the Scottish Benandonner and the Irish Fin MacCool. The later, in order to face up to his rival from Scotland, built a causeway of enormous stones across the sea, to join both lands without getting their feet wet. When Finn saw Benandonner coming for a fight, he became afraid because he was much bigger than him. So he decided to ask his wife for help, and she diguised him as a “baby”. When the Scottish giant arrived on the Irish coast, he came face to face with Finn’s wife and her “baby”. Seeing the size of her “child”, he was totally scared and thought that the father would be gigantic. Not thinking twice, he went home taking care of destroying the causeway on his path.

Today still, this construction remains at the Giant’s Causeway in the Northern Ireland and on the Staffa Island in Scotland.

3_spatialpan Bis
© Spatiaplan

© Spatiaplan

The giant's causeway, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
© Giuseppe Milo

2_Etrusia UK
© Etrusia UK

1_Chris Lofqvist
© Chris Lofqvist

7_paddy patterson
© Paddy Patterson

Steps to the Giant's Causeway.
© Cord-Cardinal

11_Justin Garner
© Justin Garner



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