To end our trip to Norway in the steps of Théo Giacometti and his friend Simon Faure-Vincent, Théo shares with us his memories and his best moments of this beautiful and rough adventure !

Norvège randonnée

Theo Giacometti your adventure Norway

The main difficulties we encountered during this trek were being completely self-sufficient, and the meteorological and geographic conditions specific to Hardangervidda.
Norvège souvenirs

However, in addition to the physical suffering, feelings of despondency and the cold, Norway gave us one of the greatest gifts possible: an opportunity to face and confront ourselves. Norvège glacier

It was a real internal struggle, a constant challenge that we had to address.

We reflected, unpretentiously, on our limitations, our capacity to react and adapt and figured out our position, as man, in a natural, hostile environment. What finer opportunity to work out your place in the world, than when contemplating such vast, barren, frozen expanses of land. Every day, deep-seated memories remind us of the humility and the fragility that we experienced in the depths of Hardangervidda’s plateaus. Like an icy, feral cry, a powerful uncontrollable spirit of freedom, the North awaits us once more, ready to help us grow and transform once again
Norvège immensités glacées

Norvège nature

Norvège beauté



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