5Point Film Festival

Right now, the town of Carbondale, in Colorado, is hosting the new edition of the 5Point Film Festival, a great event full of short-documentary that is going to inspire you, awakens your desire for adventure and makes you living your passion.

During this 4-day Flagship Festival over 50 films are broadcasted, mixing a lot of outdoor sports in link with the mountain and more generally in link with nature. Then add concerts, barbecues and brunches, panel discussions, book signings, live art demonstrations and special guests, and you will get the perfect place to spend your weekend!

Some of you may ask “why 5Point”, well, it’s because of the 5 principles that guide the festival:

– Respect, for each other, for the environment, for the experience and for the knowledge we inherit from those who inspire and teach us.

– Commitment, to overcome fear and give ourselves completely to the challenge at hand while leading a vital existence and never allowing ourselves to become complacent.

– Humility, to assume the courage and the discipline to listen to our intuition and not our egos, always mindful of our place in the natural order.

– Purpose, to muster the motivation and conviction necessary to pursue our highest aspirations in the face of adversity.

– Balance, to maintain our focus and energy in life, in nature, and on the journeys we undertake while things we cannot control shift around us.

Just for those great values, we’re very tempted to take a ticket to the United States, aren’t you?

2015 5Point Film Festival Trailer from 5Point Film Festival.

5Point Film Festival

5Point Film Festival 6

5Point Film Festival 2

5Point Film Festival 4

5Point Film Festival 3

5Point Film Festival 5

5Point Film Festival 7

5Point Film Festival 8

5Point Film Festival 9

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5Point Film Festival 11

5Point Film Festival 12



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