A “grande odyssée” for Rémy Coste!

Rémy Coste, Quechua’s technical partner since 2012, took part this year again to the Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc. His passion, his efforts but also the unique communion that exists with my dogs, brought him once again on the podium of this international mushing event.

Rémy has a very unique path. Originally a baker, awarded as Meilleur Ouvrier (Best Worker) in France in 2000, he discovered mushing and felt in love with it few years later. in 2007, he decided to change everything to live his dreams and become a professional musher. Today, we are very happy to find him on the third step of podium of this mythical race.

This international competition gathers 30 mushers and 300 dogs, for 1000km of race, with 30 000m of positive accumulated altitude. Among the 8 steps of the event, Rémy and his dogs have always been on the podium. So, a big congratulations to him, but also to his handlers who fully contribute to this victory.

For Quechua, Rémy is one of the brand’s most versatile partners, since sled dog racing involves a lot of outdoor activities depending on the dogs particular training needs, the seasons and weather conditions. He works with the Quechua teams in the development of hiking, and nordic skiing products.

Our team was obviously on this event, to encourage Rémy, and asked him a few questions.

[Hiking on the Moon] It’s now your third participation to the Grande Odyssée. Do you still feel the same emotion on the starting line of each race?
Rémy: Yes, and still the same passion. Each start is the expression of all the work and training of the year.

[Hiking on the Moon] What do you like most in the mushing activity?
Rémy: The great outdoors, freedom, the feeling of gliding and the energy of the 10 dogs in front of the sled; the most important thing is sharing the effort with the dogs. During each uphill slope, we run and skate with the dogs to be as efficient as possible.

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Rémy Coste - Crédit photo LGO

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[Hiking on the Moon] And how about the global atmosphere on the event?
Rémy: There is a really good atmosphere. Everybody knows each others, you can feel a lot of mutual respect between us.

[Hiking on the Moon] Do you help each other sometimes?
Rémy: Yes, help is the keyword of the mushing world, we have to help the other teams. Last year for example, one of my competitors felt down in front of me and his sled ran away. So, I ran after it, stopped it, secured it and I waited for the musher to be back to take the race again.

[Hiking on the Moon] Saturday, the trail included a bivouac. How did it go for you and your dogs?
Rémy: Each musher has his own technique to offer to the best night to his dogs. Some of them dig a small gap, fill it with straw in order to put the dog out of the wind and cold. They cover the dogs with a coat and a blanket if it is really cold.
Personally, I have my own technique to spend a warm night: my 10 dogs and I sleep all together in a Quechua 2seconds tent. It’s true that we are piled up, but we still manage  to sleep well and warm. Sometimes we even need to open the tent to have some fresh air because it’s too hot inside. This way to sleep is perfect to feed the dogs a little snack in the middle of the night!

[Hiking on the Moon] All these races are perfect occasion to test Quechua products. Which one do you use?
Rémy: I use almost all the products in link with nordic skiing. I’ve got all the outfit, from socks to underwear, shoes, pant and jacket.

[Hiking on the Moon] Which one is your favorite?
Rémy: For sure, it’s the Softshell Forclaz 800 jacket. It’s the best thing I have. During the first three steps of the Grande Odyssée, I only used this jacket with a long sleeve underwear, even when temperatures were low. This jacket is warm, windproof, breathable and water repellent, so even if the snow is wet, you can take it with you!

DSC_0765-001 © Anne Barrachin

 © Anne Barrachin

Rémy Coste - Crédit photo LGO 3

© La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc

Rémy Coste - Crédit photo LGO 2

© La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc



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