A perfect weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? On the Hiking on the Moon side, we would love to spend these two days in a small house lost in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by snow. Here is an overview of what we’re looking for!

Close your eyes and just imagine! The program will be very simple: a hike in snowshoes and a back country skiing session, a good book to read nestled in a very comfortable sofa and a dinner with your friends. And when you wake up the morning, no noise, excepted the fire which crackles in the fireplace…

Now, we just need to find this little corner of paradise! Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

winter-houses-oleg-ivanov© Oleg Ivanov

winter-houses-Andre Villeneuve
© Andre Villeneuve

© Andre Oen

winter-houses-Antony Spencer
© Antony Spencer

© Boredpanda

winter-houses-Espen Haagensen
© Espen Haagensen

© Martin Stantchev

© Terho Mäkelä

© Oscar Bjarnason

© Pichost

© Red

© Taurus13

winter-houses-Tzvika Stein
© Tzvika Stein

Source : Boredpanda



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