A walk in the woods?

What about following us for a nice walk in the woods? The Hiking on the Moon’s team found a beautiful series of photos of forests located all around the world, perfectly showing  the different atmospheres which reign in these wild havens.

The light games can give an enchanted and magical side to the forest, or conversely, a mysterious or haunted facet! Whether you want to go hunting witches or mushrooms, to walk on a bluebells carpet or on a snowy one, you’ll find it over the wood. And if you are lucky, you might meet unexpected creatures!

Photo 1_Magical winter in Quebec forest, Canada_Gilles Chênevert
Québec, Canada – © Gilles Chênevert

Photo 2_Deep in the moss forest, Spain_Jose Ramon Irusta
Espagne – © Jose Ramon Irusta

Photo 4-Bluebells in Halle`s forest, Belgium_Raimund Linke
Belgique – © Raimund Linke

Photo 5_ Thick grove of poplar trees, Oregon _ David Thompson
Oregon, USA – © David Thompson

Photo 6_Arashiyama, a bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan _ unknown
Kyoto, Japon – © Unknown

Photo 7_The Black Forest during night in Baden-Württemberg region, southwestern Germany _Andy Linden
Allemagne – © Andy Linden

Photo 8_ Deep in the green forest, France _ Fidelo
France – © Fidelo

Photo 9_ Natural the tunnel near Halnaker, England_Colin Michaelis
Angleterre – © Colin Michaelis

Photo 10_Mysterious glowing light in a Finland forest_Mikko Lagerstedt
Finlande – © Mikko Lagerstedt

Photo 11_Beautiful forest from a fairy tale, Belgium_Adrian Popan
Belgique – © Adrian Popan

Photo 12_White carpathians forest in autumn_Janek Sedlar
Les Carpates – © Janek Sedlar

Photo 13_Splendid yellow forest_Lars Van De Goor
© Lars Van De Goor

Source : Stumble Upon & One Big Photo



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