Alps, seen from Switzerland and Italy

Today, the Hiking on the Moon’s team stays focused on German artist. Martin Heck is a time-lapse specialist and he will bring you to the Swiss and Italian Alps. Hikers, prepare your topographies because these mountains are an invitation to escape!

Through this video, you will discover the most gorgeous facets of the Alps, from Italy and Switzerland. This cinematographer has selected his most beautiful photographs taken during the last two years to present the Alps at its best. All the majesty of this place is amplified by a morning mist, a sea of clouds or by the mirror effect of the mountains on a natural lake. With these inspiring images, we wish you a great week!

TIMEDRIFT | ALPINE 4K TIMELAPSE from Martin Heck | Timestorm Films.

Alpes suisses et italiennes par Martin Heck

Italian and swiss alps by Martin Heck

Italy and Swiss - Alps - timestorm films

Martin Heck - Italian and swiss alps

Martin Heck Alpes Suisse et Italie

Martin Heck Alpes suisses et italiennes

Timestorm films Alpes suisses et italiennes



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