Animal portraits, by Andreas Lie

The Norwegian artist Andreas Lie invite us in a muted world, where nature merges with animals. Thanks to a skillful work of double-exposure, she subtly gathers in a photo series wild landscapes and creatures which live in. 

Usually, it’s rather the animals that blur us to pass unnoticed in the nature, to protect itself from the predators and live peacefully. With Andreas Lie, forests, snowy mountain peaks and Norwegian fjords are used for bears, wolves, foxes and squirrels’ fur. Based in Bergen, the city of seven hills, no doubt that this artist had to draw her inspiration from the sumptuous landscapes that surround her.

Very active on the social networks, you can follow her news on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. And if you’re really impressed, her artworks are available on Society6.

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Ours 2

Animal portrait Andreas Lie_Fox

Animal portrait Andreas Lie_squirrel

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Cerf

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Chouette

Animal portrait Andreas Lie_wolf 2

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Bison

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Faon

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Loup

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Ours

Portrait d'animaux Andreas Lie_Renard

Animal portrait Andreas Lie_Bobcat

Source : This isn’t happiness & Boredpanda



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