Artist portrait: ANOOP HEMACHANDRA

Through artist portraits, we already met Italian, French, Indonesian and Portuguese photographers. Today, we add the beautiful India to this section thanks to Anoop Hemachandra, a fan of mountain!

[Hiking on the Moon] Can you introduce yourself briefly to our readers?
Anoop: Of course! I was born in Bangalore, India. I got interested in nature & photography when I was 6. The three things that shaped my life are: photography, travel and the mountains.

[Hiking on the Moon] Why do you like the mountains so much?
Anoop: There is something about the mountains that brings me to them year after year. Whether in the European Alps or in the Himalayas in Asia, mountains have been a constant in my life for the last decade and a half. When I’m in the mountains, I feel peaceful and I can sit for many hours at a stretch staring at them or spend my time photographing them. Moreover, I love hiking and climbing. The mountains keep me humble, whilst driving me to climb their peaks.

[Hiking on the Moon] Which is your favorite place in the world?
Anoop: My top 2 favorite places are definitively Iceland and Ladakh in India.

[Hiking on the Moon] If you have to describe your country in 3 words, what they will be?
Anoop: Diversity in Nature, Rich Culture, Photographers delight.

[Hiking on the Moon] What about your dreams?
Anoop: My dream is to work towards ecological conservation, spreading awareness via my pictures while traveling around the world as much as possible.

[Hiking on the Moon] The name of your blog is « Soaring Seagull », where did it come from?
Anoop: Soaring Seagull is inspired from a little book I read when I was a kid. It’s a book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It left a huge mark on my outlook in life.
My photo blog was listed amongst India’s best blogs a few years back. Please, feel free to check it out:

In memory of the Vikings - Snaefellsnes, Iceland

Aurora Borealis - Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Autumn Colors - Tromso, Norway

Black beach - Vik, Iceland

Blue & Grey Hues in Ladakh

Fire in the Sky - Tromso, Norway

Flaming Sunset - Tromso, Norway

Glacier, Aurora, Moonlight - Jokulsarlon, Iceland

In the middle of nowhere - Vik, Iceland

Lava Fields - Vik, Iceland

Pingvellur, Iceland

The mountains make you feel small

The purple lights - Vik, Iceland

When God looks down - La Spezia, Italy



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