Artist Portrait: Victor Dumesny

For the artist portrait of the week, the Hiking on the Moon’s team precisely met a young photographer for whom, portraits are very meaningful in each trip.

For us, Victor Dumesny came back on his two years of Asian stroll, with photos based on eyes’ expression. His pictures were taken in Thailand and Burma, with a 50mm lens where zoom in is not possible. It creates closeness with people, since the photographer must be closed to them to take a picture. And we love this particular approach!

Victor doesn’t ask people to strike a pose, he simply waits to cross people’s eyes. Then, friendly relations with his “models” take place, just like beautiful meetings with the local population. Victor takes advantage of these moments to show them his pictures and to start a conversation thanks to his notion of Thai.

If people don’t want to be photographed, Victor deletes the picture and go on his way. For him, “the aim is not to steal pictures, but just to catch a moment in a natural way”. He precises that “people makes travels, and it’s what I love with portraits. Even if landscapes are stunning, they are nothing compared to people who live in!”

To enjoy the following pics, click on it and use the “viewer” tool. And to continue this strong emotional trip, go to Victor’s Flickr.

Portraits- V. Dumesny-2

Portraits- V. Dumesny-3

Portraits- V. Dumesny-4

Portraits- V. Dumesny-10

Portraits- V. Dumesny-11

Portraits- V. Dumesny-12

Portraits- V. Dumesny-17

Portraits- V. Dumesny-19

Portraits- V. Dumesny-20

Portraits- V. Dumesny-21

Portraits- V. Dumesny-24

Portraits- V. Dumesny-25

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