Set out to conquer the fjords!

Travelling often goes with sharing! Anway, this is what sum up best the Norwegian trip of Maxime Schuler and Charlie Bellemin, our two explorers of the day. Let’s meet these two guys, addicted to ski touring and free spaces.

Hiking on the Moon: Can you introduce yourself briefly?

– Maxime: Charly and I are partners in our working life, but mostly we’re very good old friends. We share a common interest for outdoor sports and we love spending time in the snowy mountains.

Hiking on the Moon: Why did you choose to go to Norway for ski touring?

– Maxime: During a hiking trip in the Lofoten islands, I swore that one day I would return to Norway, and this time to enjoy skiing in this crazy place. Start from the top of a mountain to finish on the beack, close to the water, while skiing, it still made me dreaming.
– Charlie: We were on a business meeting when we heard about this trip to Northern Norway. When the guide told us that there were still a few places left, we didn’t waste a single minute and we signed to be part of it!

Hiking on the Moon: How was your journey?

– Charly: We strated from Tromsø, a city closed to the north of the Arctic Circle, and sailed for 7 days between the islands of Norway. Every day we went ski touring to discover a new mountain, and then we enjoyed skiing in the fresh snow and a breathtaking views of the fjords.
– Maxime: The boat, and not any one, picked up us on the waterfront after every ride. We stayed on the “Fleur de Lampaul” a sailboat built in 1948, which had traveled the whole oceans of the globe and that is now listed historical monument.

Hiking on the Moon: Which are your best memories?

-Maxime: With no hesitation, it’s the whole lifestyle of this trip. After your daily physical effort, you finaly arrived waterfront, then fishing on the boat and sharing your fresh fishs with all the team, at the sunset. It was just really nice! And of course, being always face to the sea, while skiing was just so cool.
– Charlie: For me, the best things was to spend a full week with people that I didn’t know, living with them in a very small space, but with all the same passion for the mountains.

Hiking on the Moon: Which advice would you give to the Hiking on the Moon’s readers?
– Charlie: Even if this trip is quite expensive, I hope that every people passioned by skiing will have a chance to do the same Norwegian adventure. It’s worth doing!
– Maxime : By the way, I take this opportunity to thank all my friends and family, who made me this crazy gift and so an unforgetable trip. And for those who want to do the same, book the « Fleur de Lampaul » sailboat, it tastes like real adventure !

For those interested in learning more about Norway, have a look on the latest issue of Hiking on the Moon by Quechua.

Sommet Ullstinden en face des Alpes de Lyngen

Village de pécheur au levé du jour (04h30 à Havnnes)

Fleur de Lampaul, un vieux gréement, classé monument historique, il a notamment appartenu à la Fondation Nicolas Hulot


Au sommet de l'ile d'Uloya

Glacier 800 m d'altitude  70ème parallèle









Le rêve de tout skieur...

Perfect spot pour jeter l'encre et passer la nuit en toute quiétude


Photo credit: Feel Event Spirit



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