Distance yourself

Let’s start the day with philosophy! According to a Chinese proverb, “the higher you go, the further you’ll see “. And it’s true that generally, when you distance yourself you can see things differently.

It’s what the Hiking on the Moon’s team suggest you today, with the aearian shots of the Icelander photographer, Marino Thorlacius. So, don’t forget to fasten your seat belt before take-off!

His complete portfolio is available on Behance.

Marino Thorlacius 5

Marino Thorlacius 1

Marino Thorlacius 2

Marino Thorlacius 3

Marino Thorlacius 6

Marino Thorlacius 7

Marino Thorlacius 8

Marino Thorlacius 9

Marino Thorlacius 4

Marino Thorlacius 10



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