‘First aid’ practices to hike safety

To hike in total safety, here is a checklist of all the essential first aid accessories you need to add to your first aid kit. We also give you vaccines and insect protection advice!

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Parallel to an equipmen that fit to your hike, do not forget to take your first aid kit, regardless of how long the hike is. Here are the essential components to be added to your first aid kit for a 1 or 2-day hike:

– Disinfectant, sterile compresses and self-adhesive bandage to treat a wound
– Individual plasters for blisters
– Small pair of scissors
– Paracetamol in case of pain and fever

Do not forget to check it regularly to make sure that the contents are up-to-date and fit for purpose. If you have some questions about a medicine, let’s ask your doctor. And for more serious accidents, where you are uncertain or do not know what to do, call 15 in France to notify the emergency services.

Randonnée gestes santé

Among the useful equipment, you advise to bring with you the following, and to keep it in a small watertight plastic bag:
– A fully charged mobile phone
– Cereal bars
– Sun cream
– Toilet paper
– Safety pins
– Knife
– Survival blanket and whistle
– Head torch
– A candle
– A cigarette lighter
– A compass
– A small cord

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Regarding the small bugs that can disturb your hiking outings, there are bees and wasps, mosquitoes, horse flies and ticks. To protect yourself from them, take pain relief cream and anti-inflammatory cream, mosquito repellent roll-on and disinfectant. For ticks, wear wear long and light coloured trousers!

For more information about the useful gesture concerning these bugs and the vaccines which you will need to ensure peace of mind when hiking, read the following article: Hiking safety

Now, we wish you a nice hiking adventure and do not hesitate to share it with us, using #yourmountain!



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