Discovering the “Fly Geyser”

Do you know the “Fly Geyser”? It’s a small geothermal geyser located in the United Stated, more exactly in Nevada. Since its accidentally apparition in 1964, during well drilling, water is constantly released and this hot spring is still growing.

When Justin Majeczky, a specialist who practices photography, time-lapse and filmmaking at Varient3, heard about this mysterious hot spring, he investigated to localize this geyser. Although being sat on private property not open to the public, Justin has not for all that given up his dream. After many years of research, he finally discovered who was the owner of this land and gained his access. That’s how, with his team, he was allowed to descended upon Fly Geyser to stay an entire night to shoot this hot spring, as amazing as sparkling.

So, let discover the Fly Geyser images! The colors give a supernatural effect to this place, which reminds us of a scene of cartoon!

Fly Geyser from Justin Majeczky – Music: Odesza – Memories that you call (feat. Monsoonsiren)







Photo credits: Varient3 – Justin Majeczky



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