Frozen fortress

To celebrate the 10th issue of your Hiking on the Moon magazine, we stay on the ice thematic with this cristal fortress built in the New Hampshire, in the United States. Follow us for a guided visit!

Between caves, archways, towers, tunnels and stalactites, this is a real kingdom of ice offers to you. Originally built entirely by men, this fortress grows depending of the wind, the water volume and the winter temperatures. Inside this ice labyrinth, paths are available in order everyone can explore this castle safely.

Through this video realised by Michael N Sutton, you can see that it’s a pleasure for the eyes, day or night!

Frozen Fortress from Michael N Sutton / @MNS1974.

forteresse de glace 4

forteresse de glace

forteresse de glace 2

forteresse de glace 5

forteresse de glace 6

forteresse de glace 7

forteresse de glace 8



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