Frozen pictures

By definition, a picture allows us to capture an image, a moment, and to save it over time. Maksim Zavialov, an Instagram user based in Russia is offering a technique which really freezes pictures!

Each picture of Maksim Zavialov is a two-step approach. He takes the first picture thanks to a Polaroid, then, with his smartphone he photographs this pictures freshly developed in the place where it was taken. With this original combination, he perfectly mixes an actual and an old technique of photography. This notion of time is for us well summarized by the hashtag he uses: #timethroughphoto.

He says on the Instagram blog “the technique is interesting because you really only have one chance to make the picture. It takes precision to get the details in both images to align the way I want them to”.

Some ideas to inspire you for the upcoming hikes you want to immortalize!

To follow Maksim Zavialov on Instagram, look for mzavialov.

maksimzav 4

maksimzav 3

maksimzav 5

maksimzav 6


maksimzav 1

maksimzav 2



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