Get on board for a great journey to the Great Bear Rainforest

Ready to fly to the Great Bear Rainforest in order to discover one of the largest remaining coastal temperate rainforest on earth? 

This wild land is located on the mainland coast of British Columbia and it extends from Vancouver to Alaska. As you might expect, it owes its name to the many mythical bears that live on it, as grizzly, black bear or the Kermode bear. Alongside these four-legged mammals cohabit more than 15 marine species and a rich and diverse flora living here for hundreds of years. For example, it’s the case for the red cedars of 1,000 years old.

The director Kalum Ko was fortunate enough to explore the Great Bear Rainforest and to fly over its valleys covered, to browse its milky water by kayaking and to hike up to mountain tops.

The Great Bear Rainforest from Kalum Ko.

floatplanes great bear rainforest

hiking Great bear rainforest

fly over great bear rainforest

foret pluviale great bear canada

Foret pluviale Great Bear

Great bear rainforest by night

Great bear rainforest



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