You are waiting for these results with impatience, so we’re not going to keep the secret so longer. Here are the 3 winners of the Hiking on the Moon #10 photo contest dedicated to snowmen and any other snowy creature!

Many of you send us pictures and have shown their great imagination! We saw snowmen of all sizes well decorated, but also a bear, a deer, a Raving rabbid, a giant Lego and a hitch-hiker. Your pictures also reveal that many of you were inspired by the famous movie “Frozen“. On this basis, no need to tell you that it was complicated for our jury to choose the 3 most beautiful achievements.

After the debates, we decided to award Anne-Catherine, Emilia and Olivier for their amazing snowy creatures. All of them will receive Quechua products and will have the chance to spend a night in the Alpes Bivouac igloos in the French Alps.

Here are their crazy sculptures:

> The Raving Rabbid of Anne-Catherine

3. Anne-Catherine BORG

> The snowman of Emilia

9 Emiliaf via IG

> The giant Lego of Olivier

14 Olivier Sivrière
Below, a selection of the others pictures that we really appreciate!

21 SOphie Albericci‎ via FB

2. Anthony Betemps

7 damsp18.89@live.fr Olaf le bonhomme de neige

10 FR Mange Cerise

15 Natalia Sobo FB

18. Pessey Frédérique




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