Hitchhiking and camping in Iceland!

Over the past years, Iceland is very popular! Many of you have been seduced by this northern destination. Among the different ways to discover this beautiful country, here is an adventure made of camping and hitchhiking!

 and his brother spent a few days in Iceland in order to explore this great island and enjoy its magnificent landscapes. Without any real plan or itinerary in mind and without a penny, they brought a tent and chose hitchhiking as means of locomotion! Camping at the foot of waterfalls, friendly meals shared with other travelers, sunsets, hiking and fishing have punctuated these few days of magic, that we invite you to discover in video.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Iceland (not really) from Karl Olav Gjerde.

Islande en tente

Iceland Hitchiker

Tente et pouce en islande

Hitchhiker's Guide to Iceland

Hitchhikers Iceland

Iceland  Karl Olav Gjerde



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