HKG#10 by Quechua: Snow & Ice

Discover the new magazine of Hiking on the Moon by Quechua, Winter 2015.

For its 10th issue, Hiking on the Moon brings you to a magic and ephemeral world, made of snow and ice. This anniversary issue is a trip to the heart of the snowy summits of the Yukon, a plunge into the blue abyss of glaciers, and an immersion in the enchanting universe of ice and snow sculptures. In this adventure, you will also discover how the fauna and the flora adapt to this white kingdom!

And who says anniversary, says special issue! So, in the following pages you will also discover special features which can only be found in this issue, such as the exclusive magazine cover. See if you can find all the details painstakingly drawn by the 8 hands who worked on this beautiful creation. This fine example of team work truly reflects the spirit of Hiking on the Moon by Quechua. And finally, to thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm, we have a little surprise for you. It’s a thoughtful gift, chosen with care, so that it suits globe-trotters, seasoned mountain lovers and budding adventurers alike! This gift is waiting patiently for you on the last page of your magazine, but be aware: first-come, first-served!

To read the Italian version of the magazine, click here.



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