In this ultimate episode, Jean-François came back to this strange feeling inspired by the midnight sun: “If there was only one reason to travel to the polar zone, that would be it! The unique experience of a permanent day, when the night becomes a vague memory. This moment is as unique as precious“.

A short reminder for those who haven’t met yet Jean-François Lurol. He is an amateur photographer and an experienced adventurer who spent 6 days by himself in the Hornstrandir peninsula in the northwest of Iceland. Throughout 3 tales, he told us how this adventure was unforgettable.

Péninsule du Hornstrandir Jean François Lurol EN


To understand this phenomenon we have to travel millions of year ago, when a meteor struck our planet. The shock was so brutal that it changed the rotation axis of the earth around the sun. This new gradient created the change of seasons, and for the arctic zones, the midnight sun during summer and a continuous night in winter.

Midnight Sun in Iceland

The further you approach the poles, the more this singularity is striking. In Spitzberg for instance, less than 1000 km from the North Pole, the midnight sun starts from April. At midnight, when you raise your eyes  you can observe a metallic sun floating in the sky and never crossing the horizon.

In the European sub-polar regions such as Lapland and Island, the phenomenon is less strong and shorter, but the feeling you get is still as extraordinary.

Soleil de minuit jour sans fin
(Photo taken in Lapland by Jean-François Lurol in 2000.)

In the end of June, in the North of Island, the night doesn’t exist. At most, the light decreases a little bit between midnight and 2 a.m. The, imagine the endless possibilities of such freedom. You can walk whenever you want, eat when you’re hungry and sleep when you’re tired. The notion of “day” as we know it, quickly disappears in favor of an animal apprehension of the track and the field.

Soleil de Minuit au nord de l''Islande

A piece of advice: Bring a watch and think to look at it if you have a plane to catch ! Without that and due to the midnight sun, the disconnection is fast and powerful. Here you are, projected in the permanent light, night-less time, endless day, and death suddenly becomes a faraway hypothesis…

Midnight Sun, soleil de minuit -  Jean François Lurol

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