In love with Scotland

Last month, Josh Brine and his wife went to Scotland to explore a portion of the mythical Highlands. At this time, they didn’t know how much they would fall in love with this huge and wild land…

Before leaving, little did they know what they would find, so the surprise for this young couple in search of adventure was really big! To share their feelings and as a simple thank you for the memories they have and the great life lesson they learned, Josh wished to share his video on Hiking on the Moon’s blog. For us, it’s a lovely dose of inspiration.

Life is short. Enjoy it. Go have fun. Go somewhere that makes you nervous. Do something stupid for a change. Do something you said you wanted to do. Build memories. Build relationships. Build some kids. Then build some Legos. Build a life with your love and never let her go. Just go, and be.

Go, and Be from Josh Brine.

Ecosse highlands

Scottish highlands

Ecosse rando


scotland sea

Go and be  Josh Brin

highlands ecosse



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