Instagram discovery: Jannik Obenhoff

Today, you’re going to see that there is no age to take amazing pictures! With only 14, Jannik Obenhoff is already famous on the web, with more than 41,000 followers on Instagram. Looking at his photos, we understand the enthusiasm around this young man.

This young prodigy started photography only one year ago. On Instagram’s blog he said that his age gives him a different perspective of the world.

My favorite kinds of photos to take are landscapes: a lake in the mountains with a beautiful reflection and some fog,” he says. “I always say: ‘If you won’t go out and explore, you won’t see how beautiful nature can be.”

With his pictures, you will discover the German countryside that Jannik loves to explore. In order to progress, he’s often looking for feedback from other young photographers who, like him, are interested in photographing landscapes and nature.

To have a look at all his photos, here is his profile: @jannikobenhoff


jannik obenhoff 14

jannik obenhoff germany

jannik obenhoff kid

jannik obenhoff munich

jannik obenhoff

jannikobenhoff lake alp

jannikobenhoff train



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