Trees majesty, by Beth Moon

Some trees, due to their size, shape, history or age, deserved a particular attention. That’s what Beth Moon offered to them. During 14 years, this artist travelled from one continent to another to photograph the world’s oldest trees.

Based in San Fransisco, Beth Moon went to Yemen, Madagascar, United-States, Cambodia or Wales to immortalise pines, sequoias and baobabs! She believes that “these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment”.

To match with her subjects, Beth Moon use an old technique for photos’ development, with platinum and palladium. These metals have the particular feature of remaining intact through the years.

All her photographs along with the legends of these majestic are available in her book: “Ancient Trees, Portraits of Time“, published by Abbeville Press.

Beth Moon 2

Beth Moon

Bowthorpe Oak, England, Beth Moon Trees 8

Bristlecone Pine, USA Beth Moon Trees 3

Cambodia, Beth Moon Trees 2

Heart of the Dragon, Yemen, Beth Moon Trees 1

King’s Canyon Sequoias, USA,  Beth Moon Trees 6

Majesty, UK, Beth Moon Trees 4

The Ifaty Teapot, Madagascar,  Beth Moon Trees 7

The Nantglyn Pulpit Yew, Wales Beth Moon Trees 5



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