Olapa Kingdom: the instinctive paths of the Maasai people

Meeting with the Maasai tribe, a people that the Italian director followed during two weeks and and where life flows in symbiosis with nature, without affecting the ecosystem or even produce waste.

This ethnic group offers a great exemple of simple life respecting our environment. Maasaï people live in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. Despite Western cultural influences, they have maintained, generation after generation, pastoral way of life and gathering what nature has to offer.

They are used to live in arid lands and know how to farm in deserts and scrublands. The realisator explains that “their diet is based exclusively on milk, blood and meat. Researches have proven that their lifestyle is totally healthy for the body and sustainable for the planet”.

To discover the daily life of the Maasai people, Michele Cadei opens the doors of the traditional village of Oloimugi in central Kenya.

Olapa Kingdom from Michele Cadei.

Maasai people Michele Cadei

Maasai tribe Kenya Michele Cadei

Michele Cadei Olapa Kingdom


Tribu Maasai vue par Michele Cadei

Olapa Kingdom Maasai people

Olapa Kingdom peuple Maasai

Olapa Kingdom tribu Maasai



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