Hiking on the Moon magazine #9 : Between heaven and earth.

We are pleased to present you the last issue of the Hiking on the Moon: Between heaven and earth. A fabulous journey between heaven and earth. We hope you enjoy it!

On earth, there are a few unique places where the heaven and earth seem to join, a union which gives rise to a magical spectacle. For a long time, man considered that the mountains were the gateway to heaven. When you see clouds caressing a snowy mountain peak, or stars reflected in a lake or when the sun redefines the contours of a peak, it’s easy to believe that there may be truth in this.

You’ll see the sky decked out in its finest: a cloak of stars and the aurora borealis, before erupting in a noisy flash of lightening and displaying its anger in the form of: the mountain storm. You’ll also learn about astronomical observatories, built on some of the world’s highest peaks, as if in an attempt to get closer to the sky; you’ll follow the vertiginous tracks of mountain trains and may even set out to conquer Mont-Blanc! Finally, the less fearful amongst you can simply enjoy a beautiful starry night in a bivouac, observing the milky way or masters of the sky: mountain birds.

Read the article on northen lights:
Hiking on the Moon: Entre ciel et terre

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Hiking on the Moon: Entre ciel et terre

How to differentiate mountain animals?
Hiking on the Moon: Entre ciel et terre

The mountain birds:
Hiking on the Moon: Entre ciel et terre


Hiking on the Moon: Entre ciel et terre



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