Mind your backs, hot!

In 1990, the Hawaiian town of Kalapana was entirely destroyed by the lava of the Puʻu ʻōʻō spatter cone. From this time, this mountain of fire is acting up, under the astonished eyes of the photographer Tom Kualii.

Since March 2008, this Icelander native of Hawai has made several treks to Kalapana. For him, this crazy place is a “theatre” and the “playground” of Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes and fire.

The Hiking on the Moon’s team loves the following pictures, and especially the lava’s natural drawings and the startling contrast of colors.

Tom Kualii’s complete portfolio is available on 500px.

Tom_Kualii_1-bis Tom-Kualii-1 Tom-Kualii-2 Tom-Kualii-8 Tom-Kualii-3 Tom-Kualii-4 Tom-Kualii-5 Tom-Kualii-6 Tom-Kualii-7 Tom-Kualii-10



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