Mongolian immersion

To end the week on a high note, the Hiking on the Moon’s team returns to her meeting with Coraline Jond, a pretty adventurer with a travel journal already well-filled! With a lot of emotions and with stars in their eyes, Coraline share with you one of her most beautiful trip: Mongolia.

Hiking on the Moon: Why did you choose Mongolia ?
Coraline: Mongolia was my dream! The hugeness of the land, the infinite landscapes but also the desire to go horseriding in the steppes. For me, Mongolia was a raw and preserved country. I had in mind a wild space, so close to the nature.

Hiking on the Moon: Was your trip up to your dreams?
Coraline: Oh yes, and even beyond! My adventure took another dimension thanks to my immersion with the nomads. I couldn’t imagine such a strong experience. I thought that Mongolian nomads were inaccessible, due to their living conditions. I didn’t think it was possible to spend time with this people and share such beautiful moments.

Hiking on the Moon: How did you deal with the language barrier?
Coraline: When you do not speak the same language, there are other way to communicate. On my side, communication went through observation. By observing and sharing their daily life, I was in total immersion. Despite the lack of oral understanding, it was not frustrating at all. My enthusiasm was fully filled by every moment of life shared with them.

Hiking on the Moon: Can you describe Mongolian landscapes?
Coraline: It’s very difficult to describe them with words! It’s like an endless Garden of Eden. Behind every mount or dune is hidden new landscape, with cattles and yurts. Everything is peaceful and calm.

Hiking on the Moon: What is your favorite moment?
Coraline: There are so many great memories! If I have to choose only one, it will be the moments spent with nomads and especially when the Mongolian family had to catch the foals with a lasso. It’s a difficult task, but they did it smiling and laughing. It perfectly symbolises Mongolia: a country where nomadic life is very tough, but with a friendly and happy people, in perfect harmony with nature.

Hiking on the Moon: Can you give us three words to sum up your trip?
Coraline: Energy, serenity and hugeness!

Hiking on the Moon: Then, what is your next destination?
Coraline: Probably Madagascar or Kirghizia

Here are some of the pictures taken by Coraline. Judge by yourself this notion of “hugeness”. It’s just inspiring before the weekend, isn’t it?



















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