Myanmar, hidden treasure and spirituality

To start the weekend in a good mood, let’s have a look at the story of a young girl, who left her own safe place to get somewhere new: Myanmar. She’s back with a lot more than pictures and vidéos…

Once she get used to this new environment and thanks to the friendliness welcoming of the Birman people, she started to feel at home and part of this land of Southeast Asia. Through the images below, it’s kind of easy to feel that each contact with these people was inspiring, thanks to their culture, art, knowledge and smiling faces.

We like this video because it shows that travels are more than a break in our very active and stressful life. When we dare to meet people and to be immersed in their way of life, this kind of experience brings us serenity and open-mindedness.

We are tempted to adopt the leitmotiv of this young lady, “Learning, Feeling, Existing”, and to simply dare to explore an unfamiliar place. And we’re sure that we don’t need to go on the other side of the world to feel this peace…

So, what are you waiting for to take your backpack?

Myanmar a Hidden Treasure – Around the Globe de The Flying Man.

Myanmar Birmania kids

Myanmar Birmanie

Myanmar Burma by night

Myanmar Burma flying man

Myanmar Burma pictures

Myanmar Burma water

Myanmar Burma

Myanmar hidden treasure

Myanmar the flying man hidden treasure

Myanmar the flying man

Myanmar trésor caché



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