Selected moments : from Nepal to India by Rafaelle Lale

On our latest issue of Hiking on the Moon we followed Rafaëlle Lalé who took our breath away with her incredible pictures of the mythical road that goes from Nepal to India.Follow us on this great journey

There are roads that are mythical, by definition; in other words, legendary journeys, that have symbolic importance for an entire culture or country. In addition to these “great” journeys, there are also emotionally significant journeys, made up of wonderful stories and encounters that affect each and every one of us. And it’s exactly this kind of journey that Rafaëlle Lalé wanted to share, as part of our collection. This young, 22 year old woman, set off alone to Nepal before travelling on to India, a country that particularly fascinated her.

After trekking through the Annapurnas, she spent several weeks doing voluntary work in Calcutta, a month travelling to Darjeeling and Varanasi, before heading to the south of the country, to Mumbai, via Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

Rafaëlle is passionate about photography and tries, as far as possible, to capture snapshots of life and recreate the atmosphere of a place. “When I travel, I see the world through the lens of my camera; in a way, it’s what helps me connect to reality. India is a country of contrasts – geographic, sensory and economic – where human interaction is very intense – something that I hope I’ve managed to share through my photos.”

Rafaelle Lale

Rafaelle Lale (2)

Rafaelle Lale (4)

Rafaelle Lale (5)

Rafaelle Lale (6)

Rafaelle Lale (7)

Rafaelle Lale (8)

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