Night hiking with Quechua Clic

Night hiking is an unforgettable experience. It offers new sensations and awakens new senses! Quechua thought you and invite you to discover its new innovation: Clic

Designed to be worn on your forehead for night hiking or to raise your visibility when clipped on your backpack, Clic is the essential accessory of hiking enthusiast!

In March, Hiking on the Moon offered you the opportunity to participate in the “test product” section of the magazine. Today we invite you to discover Valerie & Olivier’s Clic test !

Who better than our customers to test our products? In this new test, we’ve appealed to you, readers and Quechua customers to give us your views on the Clic lamp. Valérie and Olivier, both mountain enthusiasts, set off to test it just for you! Here you can read about their experience and what they learned about the clic during their first hike on the high limestone plateaus of Calern with Clic Hike Kit !


When I got the product, I was very surprised: the lamp was very small and, most importantly, I couldn’t find any instructions! And then suddenly, something inside me clicked: in fact it’s simple, you just have to fit the base to the lamp and twist. I have to confess, the idea of twisting came from my son. But once you’ve understood that, the rest is really easy: you “click” and then “re-click” to get a red beam which can be used for road-side safety or three different light settings for visibility/lighting. On the other hand, there’s no SOS type beam which is a shame – that’s the first aider coming out in me. But the light can still help locate a hiker on a GR footpath or mountain pasture.

When I discovered the accessories kits, I was like a child with a new toy: the USB connector, the micro USB adapter, the holding clip and the multi-use strap for wearing as a spotlight. I could already imagine attaching the clic to my 2sec tent on a summer’s evening or simply to my jacket pocket while I looked for the last branches for the evening campfire, under the moon and stars. We were waiting for summer, the weather at the end of March had been very changeable and there was still quite a lot of snow, rain and wind so it was difficult to organize our excursion to test the clic. But then a sudden window appeared – the last weekend in March!


We decided to set off hiking along the Cheiron ridge, the highest point in the Préalpes d’Azur RegionalNaturalPark (France). I attached the clic to my jacket, trousers and backpack; its powerful clip meant that it held well. Just one small downside: friction or rough treatment can cause the clic to become unclipped. Once, after dark, we wanted to visit Caussol and the astronomical observatory on the Calern plateau.

As we advanced towards the white domes of the observatories, standing like watch towers under the stars, we surveyed the lunar landscapes of these high limestone plateaus.


The Clic is certainly worthy of its prestigiously-named predecessors. The clic’s versatility is wonderful; it attaches anywhere even on the collar of a small dog – great fun! It lasts a long time, with a battery life of more than twelve hours of continuous use. Don’t worry – it was so bitterly cold on the plateau that our excursion was short-lived and we ended up, with our Clic, in a lovely inn, the sort of place that you’re always hoping to find along the roadside.

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