When sky is getting angry, take your lens!

What impressive and captivating is to watch a storm! Besides, we both would like to capture this crazy moment. Unfortunatly, it’s not that easy to photograph the tantrom of mother nature! To help you to make beautiful pictures, here are some tips from the Hiking on the Moon team.

To begin, you need to find a location where you have a wide visibility, slightly elevated, in an open environment. The best thing is to make night shots and get away from several kilometers to photograph the whole storm, and also to avoid the rain. Then we recommend using a telecomande and a tripod well balanced. Finally, as you probably guessed, you need a little bit of luck and reactivity!

Remember also that you must be very careful if you are in the mountains. In the latest issue of Hinking on the Moon, you will find what to do in case you get caught in a mountain storm.

If you want to share your own picture of lightning or if you have some piece of advice, feel free to comment below!


5. Tormenta en Santander - JoseMiguel-CreativeCommonsFlickr
Copyright: José Miguel

2. Lightning striking Horseshoe Bend on Seedskadee NWR - USFWS Mountain Prairie
Copyright: USFWS Mountain Prairie

3. Lightning, Sunset Park - OH - Kevin Vance - CreativeCommonsFlickr
Copyright: Kevin Vance – TowPathPhoto

4. Grand Canyon National Park - creativecommonsflickr
Copyright: Grand Canyon National Park

1.AroundMidnight - James Loesch- CreativeCommonsFlickr
Copyright: James Loesch

1.Lightning at Sea-James Loesch-CreativeCommonsFlickr
Copyright: James Loesch

1.ABoatBetween - James Loesch- CreativeCommonsFlickr
Copyright: James Loesch



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