The origins of nordic skiing

Today we make you discover the origines of nordic skiing. You will find also in the last magazine Hiking on the Moon #8 by Quechua, un special mountain life a report to find out all about the origins of this sport, the way to do it for leisure or in competitions, and how to choose your gear!

Nordic skiing throughout history
Nordic skiing was first invented as a way of getting around, especially in Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe. In Russia a drawing dating from at least 6,000 years back has been found, of a hunter on what looks like skis!
In Sweden, pre-historic rock paintings and a fossilised ski have been found, dating back to at least 3000 BC. The very term “ski” comes from Norwegian.
Nordic skiing was used solely for transportation purposes up to the late 19th century, for trading but also in war.

Nordic skiing today
Nordic skiing is also a leisure sport for many, especially when on holiday in the mountains. There are two types on the slopes: classic and skating.
You do classic Nordic skiing on tracks, pushing yourself forward. It is suitable for family fun but also for more serious skiers.

ski nordique

Skating is more demanding, with skaters pushing from right to left as with inline skating.

ski nordique

The various forms of cross-country skiing mean that beginners and competitors alike can be happy. It’s simply a matter of adapting your efforts to your ability. To help you, Nordic ski slopes are maintained and colour-coded according to the level required: green, blue, red and black. Please stay on the blazed trails, for your own safety!

-An art of living
In the countries the sport originated in, especially Russia and the Scandinavian countries, it is of special importance. It is still a way of getting about for locals, especially in villages. For example, a family out for a stroll at the weekend will be using skis.  Some will use them to go to work too.

ski nordique

Discover also the advices of Vincent Deboissy, Cross-country skiing Product Manager, who himself loves the mountains and skiing, explains how to choose the right gear and maintain it properly.

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ski nordique

ski nordique

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